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Johanna Dunn portrait art

I have always been intrigued by impermanence, the understanding that that nothing remains the same for very long.

 For me, art is the process of capturing a memory forever, while adding my own unique interpretation. 

Originally from Newport, Rhode Island, I currently reside in Sarasota,  Florida.

I enjoy a vast array of mediums and subjects including oil painting, acrylic, colored pencil, pastel and many more. While I specialize in portrait art, I also enjoy many other subjects.  

Johann Dunn Portrait art

The world rushes around me,

A million different things biding for my attention,

All at once.

Distracted thoughts keeping me just slightly off balance..

I reach for my pencil

And the second my hand meets the paper

my mind is at ease,

my souls at peace.

My hand slides effortlessly across the page,

with each stroke my mind becomes calmer and calmer.

Until all at once, I’ve found my very own sanctuary,

my place of rest,

from an often hectic world.

No longer trying to fit into anyone else’s perceptions,

living only for the present moment,

no worries,

no concerns,

just simply this.

 -Johanna Dunn-

For commission inquiries or general info or just to get in touch, please email, or fill out form. Thank you!

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