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JohannaMazie Dunns
"And thats when it hit me, all at once,

 I was no longer creating art,

 it was creating me..."
 -Johanna Dunn

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Marker and ink portraits johanna dunns art
The lion ink acrlc johanna dunn art
Oil portraits johanna dunn
Art offers me a temporary escape,
from the madness,
the chaos of the world,
its where I can be vulnerable, and fragile. 
I leave my heart in the safety of the canvas.  
-Johanna Dunn-
Johanna Dunn Painting
The scream ink johanna dunns art
Flower portrait oil paint Johanna Dunns art
Giggling giraffe johanna dunns art mixed media
the knockout johanna dunns art ink
Oil portraits johanna dunn art
Reaching for the sun acrylic impasto johanna dunns art
Johanna dunns portraits
math frusteration graphite pencil johanna dunns art
DSC_8843 edited lur_edited.jpg
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Fine artist, Sarasota fl.

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